Frequently Asked Questions

If you have just booked your first Mini Rockers class, or you simply have a question that you need answered, please have a read through our frequently asked questions.

Do I need to make a booking for my child to attend a class?

No, walk-ins are always welcome. The booking system is in place to enable parents to pay via PayPal in advance.

What should my child wear to Mini Rockers?

Children should be dressed in comfortable clothes that will not restrict movement.

Where are Mini Rockers classes held?

All Mini Rockers classes are held at 5 Kinross Avenue Caulfield North.

Is there pram or wheelchair access?


Do I need to stay with my child?

Parents are required to remain on premises with their child for the entire class.

Do I need to participate in the class?

Parent/carer participation is required so please dress in comfortable clothing and be ready to dance, imagine and learn along with your Mini Rocker!

What if my child is afraid or unwilling to participate in an activity during the class?

Children can engage in the activities at their own level of comfort, ability, and willingness.

Children need to feel comfortable before they will open themselves up to learning and enjoyment, and each and every child has their own process to get to that point.

The Mini Rockers program will meet your child wherever they are, and we will all work together to empower your child and help them feel comfortable, confident, and get as much out of the classes as they possibly can.

Can I bring siblings along?

Please bring siblings along! The cost for two siblings who are both within the age group is $15.

If you attend an ‘All ages’ session, there is no charge for siblings over the age of 5 or under the age of 12 months. If you attend a ‘Baby Rockers’ session, there is no charge for siblings over the age of 18 months.


If I have two or more children participating in a class, do I need to have an adult per child?

That is entirely up to you, and Lisa will be there to assist if required.

Will my child be learning to do ballet in this class?

Children who attend classes regularly will develop the early foundational skills in general dance and become competent in creating meaningful body movement, rhythm, balance, coordination and spacial awareness. However, this is not a class to teach any dance genre specifically, but rather a multidisciplinary program that incorporates dance, dramatic play, exposure to different sensory experiences, exploring emotions, music and instrument familiarization.

Will my child be learning dance routines?

No, children will be guided through high-energy musical activities, and there will be plenty of repetition so children may remember parts of dances they have done throughout a class, but this class is not aimed to teach set choreography to participants.

Are there toilet and nappy changing facilities on site?


Can I pay by term?

Yes, you can buy a 10 class pass.

Can I book in for a whole term?

Yes, by booking each class individually through the online booking system

What if I book a class online but then have to cancel or change my booking?

If you have paid for a class online and need to change or cancel your booking, please contact Lisa on or on 0409209554 to arrange a refund or transfer of the class.

If you have not paid for the class, don’t worry at all, Mini Rockers classes are casual so if you can’t make it that’s absolutely fine!

Can I pay by credit card on the day?

Yes, you can pay by cash or card on the day. Please note that there is a 50c surcharge per Credit Card or EFT transaction.

Can I transfer payment in advance?

Yes, you can transfer. Please complete the contact form on our pricing page or contact Lisa on 0409209554.

Is there a discount for siblings?

Yes, it is $15 for twins or siblings participating in the one class. There is also a 10 class pass available for twins or siblings, which is $140 for 10 sessions.

Is food and drink allowed in classes?

To keep Mini Rockers a safe environment for all attendees, particularly those with food allergies, please do not bring out any food for your child to eat in the studio or in the entrance area.
Drink bottles are of course welcome.

What if I want to take my child to Mini Rockers but there are no classes set for the times I am available to bring them?

If you would like to attend a class outside of the dates and times set out above, please contact Lisa. Session times will continue to evolve to suit the needs of the participants.

Can I bring my child to the Jewish classes if we are not Jewish?

Absolutely! Please keep in mind that there will be Jewish music and themes at the Jewish classes, but children of all backgrounds are welcome to any and every Mini Rockers class.

Is there Jewish music and culture incorporated into the term classes or school holiday classes?

No. Jewish culture and music feature exclusively in the Shabbat classes and the Jewish holiday classes.

Does Mini Rockers host birthday parties at its own venue?

Unfortunately not. When Lisa runs parties and events, she attends the venue with speakers and props and run it there, the program runs for around 45 minutes.

What if I have another question that hasn’t been answered?

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa by email on, by telephone on 0409209554 or using the form below.