Kinder Rockers

These programs are currently being run at childcare centres and schools only.

Kinder Rockers is a dance class and music class suitable to kinder children aged between 3-6 years old.

Through musical activities and the use of themed dress-ups, props and other educational resources, the sessions concentrate on reinforcing and advancing skills in the following key areas of development

Physical –

  • Using body movement to convey meaning
  • Balance and coordination
  • Using their sense of sight, touch and hearing to explore different sensory experiences. Engaging in activities requiring them to use their sense of touch and hearing, rather than sight
  • Spacial awareness – Travelling from point to point in different ways. Moving over, under and around peers and objects. Offering opportunities for children to describe where they are or where objects are in relationship to each other

Social Skills –

  • Cooperation and collaboration – working with peers as a group or in smaller groups to achieve common goals and solve age appropriate ‘problems’.
  • Communicating thoughts and ideas in a safe and encouraging space where there are no wrong answers and all unique views are celebrated
  • Turn-taking and patience are reinforced
  • Exploring and portraying different thoughts and emotions using facial expressions and movement language/movement
  • Recognizing emotions and body language in peers and discussing how to respond appropriately
  • Learning about the impact of their actions


Music and Instruments –

  • Music familiarization
  • Rhythm – using different instruments to keep the beat in time with music, using them to create a beat, using them to create a melody (and learning the difference)


Imagination –

  • Acting out simple and imaginative scenarios in music-based activities
  • Improvising and creating short dance sequences independently


Cognitive skills –

  • Following instructions independently
  • Memory and recall – following familiar dance sequences
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Engaging in exercises requiring them to match, compare, sort and organise objects
  • Recognising cause and effect


Learning about our world

  • Learning about the world and its occupants through the exploration of different themes each week.