Children's Dance, Music and Movement Program

High energy classes focusing on movement, creativity and fun!

Inspired by various forms of dance and imaginative play, Mini Rockers takes a holistic approach to promoting children’s overall wellbeing. Classes are high energy, focusing on movement, creativity and fun!

Founder Lisa Klibansky worked together with early childhood educators to develop a program that would aid in the development of key skills required for school readiness. Consideration was given to current trends in the structure of primary education, such as the move towards investigative learning, as well as to the learning outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework.

For further information on Lisa Klibansky or the process of creating the Mini Rockers program, please read Lisa’s Bio.

The Mini Rockers program embraces the approach of structure without boundaries. Children are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning, and can engage in the activities at their individual level of comfort, ability, and willingness.

Children who attend classes regularly will develop the early foundational skills in general dance and become competent in creating meaningful body movement, rhythm, balance, coordination and spacial awareness.

However, this is not a class to teach choreography or skills in any dance genre specifically, but rather a multidisciplinary program that incorporates dance, movement dramatic play, exposure to different sensory experiences, exploring emotions, music and instrument familiarisation.

Mini Rockers will be taken on surprise adventures each and every week.

Classes make use of various entertaining and educational resources such as twirling ribbons, hula hoops, bean bags, musical instruments, themed dress ups, bubbles and a parachute.

Mini Rockers is a safe and welcoming space for children and their families. There is no pressure, and no prerequisite ability to follow instructions or participate in team activities. In this way, the program allows for creative expression whilst facilitating learning and development and stimulating a sense of wellbeing in all participants.