Lisa Klibansky

Founder and class leader of Mini Rockers

Hi, I’m Lisa Klibansky and I am the founder and class leader at Mini Rockers. 

My career path took a dramatic turn after spending five years raising three highly creative, energetic children. While they are all different, they have a few things in common. They love to dance and be active, they love to dress up and play make-believe, they love being social and working together with their peers, and they love investigating the world they live in.

I sought to find a program to take them to that would tick all of the boxes, inspiring them to learn and use their imaginations while harnessing their boundless energy, but it became clear that no such class existed. So I set about creating the class I wanted to take them to, and that is how my journey to developing the Mini Rockers program began. .

Dance and performance is a passion of mine that has stemmed from a childhood filled with classes and tutus and concerts. I have studied drama, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and lyrical dance.

As a child and into my teenage years, I would spend my weekends both attending classes as a student, and as an assistant in the lower level classes with younger children. The experience that I gained from that time in my life was the first step in my journey to creating Mini Rockers.

The next and most important step was to gain a deeper understanding of current trends in primary education, with the goal of incorporating development and reinforcement of school readiness skills into each class. As much as I love and am passionate about dance, my goal was always for the Mini Rockers program to include many additional layers of extra learning. After a series of interviews with Early Childhood Educators and Primary Teachers, I went on to familiarize myself with the Early Years Learning Framework and The International Baccalaureate® Primary Years Programme. I gained an understanding of current trends in the structure of primary education, such as the move towards peer work and investigative learning, as well as the learning outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework.

I then went on to study a Canadian movement known as ‘Intellidance’, which is a form of dance training developed specifically for babies and children under 5. They approach dance training by teaching the following concepts, which I now incorporate into each and every class –

  • Space (Space and Place)
  • Size (Big, Medium, Small)
  • Speed (Fast and Slow)
  • Level (High, Middle, and Low)
  • Body Parts
  • Body Shape (Straight, Curvy, Angular, and Twisted)
  • Direction (Forward, Backward, Sideways, Up and Down)
  • Energy (Sharp and Smooth)
  • Weight (Heavy and Light)
  • Relationships (Over/Under, In-Front/Behind, Beside, Together/Apart, In/Out, On/Off, and Around)
  • Pathway (Straight, Curved, and Zig-Zag)
  • Balance (On Balance and Off Balance)


The last step I had to take was learning how to run a class. I have taken my children to various kids programs over the years so I had an idea of what worked and what didn’t work, but I had never done lesson plans or stood in front of a group to lead an activity before. I began training as a class leader in local baby classes, where I was taught how to deliver a program, how to structure set exercises and how to balance repetition with new concepts. I studied planning processes from both a primary school teacher and a kindergarten teacher, then developed my own system utilising aspects from each.

Finally, I consolidated all that I learnt through with all that I already knew, and that is how the Mini Rockers program came to fruition.

My aim is to get children excited about being active, cultivate a love for dance, inspire imaginative thinking, encourage peer work, and ultimately provide a sturdy foundation for children to achieve learning outcomes in their kinder/primary school years!

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Classes are high energy, focusing on movement, creativity and fun!