Junior Rockers

9.30am - 10.15am Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Shabbat) and Saturday

Junior Rockers is a dance and music class suitable for babies and children of all ages.

Please note – non-walkers will need extra assistance in these classes as there are walking activities such as obstacle courses.

Each week children are taken on a new and exciting adventure, where there is a balance of familiarity and novelty to enable the creation of meaningful connections. Through musical activities and the use of themed dress-ups, props and other educational resources, the sessions concentrate on introducing, and thereafter establishing foundations in the following key areas of development 

Physical – 

  • Using body movement to convey meaning
  • Balance and coordination
  • Using their sense of sight, touch and hearing to explore different sensory experiences
  • Following actions such as clapping, stamping, hopping, jumping, skipping, moving around the circle, walking on flat feet and tippy toes, and many more
  • Spacial awareness – Travelling from point to point in different ways, moving over/under/around objects, going forwards/backwards/sideways

Social Skills – 

  • Cooperation and collaboration – participating in group activities with parental involvement and guidance
  • Communicating their thoughts and ideas in response to prompts
  • Turn-taking and patience
  • Matching emotions to facial expressions and body language

Music and Instruments – 

  • Music familiarization
  • Rhythm – using instruments in time with the beat. Introducing the concept of a beat versus a melody


Imagination –

  • Imaginative and dramatic play
  • Introduction of improvisation and creative dance


Cognitive Skills – 

  • Following basic one and two part instructions with support and guidance
  • Engaging in exercises requiring them to match, compare and sort objects
  • Recognising cause and effect
  • Gradually increasing attention spans


Learning about our world – 

  • Identifying important items and concepts that exist in their worlds such as colours, numbers, shapes, animals, family members and modes of transport
  • Identifying their body parts

Parent/carer participation

Parent/carer participation is required, so please dress in comfortable clothing and be ready to dance, imagine and learn and play along with your Junior Rocker!

Children are encouraged to be actively involved in their own learning.

If there is a particular area that interests your child, a lesson can be constructed to explore it as a group. Please contact Lisa by email on lisa@minirockers.com.au, by telephone on 0409209554 or in person at the beginning or end of a class with any theme requests.