Session Information

Sessions run for approximately 35-40 minutes

All sessions are approximately 35-40 minutes in duration.

Term Classes – Each term has a theme that is broken down into weekly topics which are explored throughout Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday sessions.

Shabbat Classes – Shabbat classes follow the same structure as other classes, but make use of traditional Jewish Shabbat music and Hebrew songs. These classes are more repetitive than the themed classes, to facilitate children’s familiarity with and inspire a love for Jewish music. For further information, please see Jewish Classes

Jewish holiday classes – Jewish Holiday classes incorporate music from the relevant Jewish holiday, as well as Hebrew songs. For further information, please see Jewish Classes

School holiday classes – The school holiday classes do not continue on with the term theme. Children who have attended sessions through the term are able to attend school holiday classes and explore new and exciting topics.



Class Timetable

Tuesday & Thursday

9:30am – Junior Rockers (children and toddlers aged 1.5 and up)

12:15pm – Baby Rockers (babies & toddlers aged 6 months – 1.5)


9.30am – all ages

These classes do not incorporate any Jewish references or Hebrew music.


The Shabbat classes, which are on every Friday, introduce children to Z’mirot, which are traditional Shabbat songs that have been sung for many generations.

9:30am – Junior Rockers (children and toddlers aged 1.5 and up)

12:15pm – Baby Rockers (babies & toddlers aged 6 months – 1.5)

Children from any background and heritage are welcome to attend these and all other Mini Rockers classes!

Jewish Holiday classes

Purim – 21st March

Pesach – 18th April

Yom Ha’atzmaut – 9th May

Shavuot – 7th June

Jewish holiday class dates for second half of the year to come.

School Holiday classes

The 1st term classes are starting in March and will run through the first school holidays.

Dates for 2nd, 3rd and 4th school holidays to come.